Be, Do, Have-Canvas Grocery bag

What do you want? What can you do when you have it? How would you be when you do that? You don't need a large house to do family gathering. You don't have to do family gathering to be happy. Be, Do, Have


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I’ve learned Be Do Have method from Momentum education.

Basically, if you want to have something, choose the right ways of being and DO it. 

I love Llama

Llama Pouch

Llama as a totem. As a totem, llama is a symbol of strength, perseverance, communication, confidence and often success. People born under the llama sign are people who know exactly what their goal in life is. ... Llama symbol brings us strong energy and confidence.



I have known Nancy by Mihye. I assume that last year’s at Mihye’s house party was our first meeting.

She is fighting with cancer now, and some

Fearless Canvas Bag

Fearless Badass-Canvas Tote Bag

The minute you discover your fears, you start overcome yourself



All of sudden, I realized that I have been living in bunch of fear. I wasn’t secured for almost every thing. Relationships, job and house, nothing was secured for me. I was afraid for not accepted. Therefore, I have been building concerns and complains. My behavior was very limited to not to break things what I have. I noticed that I was losing myself little by little.

When I shared my concerns with my friends, they were really surprised that how dark was the shadow I had.

So, I started counting my fears to face it.


My fears hasn’t gone yet but at least, I recognized my fears and I am facing it.