Reusable Pads_Large_11″X9″


Length X Width 11″ X 9″

– Main Body: Flannel 100% Cotton

– Insert: 2 layers of Flannel 100% Cotton, 3 layers of Unbleached Osnaburg 100% Cotton

– Water resistant Liner: 100%Polyester



1 Main Body + 1 insert + water resistant liner


Main Body has pocket to contain removable insert and water resistant liner. You can use with double layered insert or with out insert depend on your day,





·                   ·       Cover: 100% Cotton Flannel 

·      Insert: 100% Cotton and Flannel

·      Insert Liner: water resistant fabric polyester 


Your skin will meet 100% cotton flannel like baby blanket.

Insert was made 5 layers of cotton. 3 layers of dish clothes fabric & 2 layers of flannel. Therefor, total 7 layers of cotton and water resistant fabric will support your day and night.

Lonnie Lee’s reusable pads will absorb blood well and dry quick. 


Are you a Heavy Bleeder?

On top of high performing insert, water resistant fabric will release your concern of licking.


Wings have snap buttons, so it doesn’t move or twist. 


Handling instruction

I take used pad in the shower. Water press will remove most of blood or chunk. After it pre- washed by shower water, I hand wash it with laundry soap. You may see most of blood gone or light pink mark on the pad by this time. You could rinse it with cold water or collect pads for boiling. 20 min Boiling with little bit of detergent (or baking soda and vinegar)will sanitize and make it white as it was. 


During the day

If you frequently change pads during period, and it hesitates you to use reusable pads, here is my solution.

Our Reusable pads absorb blood really well, and it dries quick. Even though you have same amount of blood, you may not feel that it is wet, or you are sitting on liquid blood. It means that you don’t have to change pad frequently, however, if you are heavy Bleeder, you may need to change pad while you are at work or school. I usually bring water resistance bag or use parchment brown bag (normally in public toilet) to put used pad and bring it home. 


Over night


Overnight size will increase quality of your sleep. The point of reusable pad is feels like cotton underwear. Long and wide size of pad covers all the way after 2-3 inch of your tail bone. It can catch blood drip even it runs different direction. You don’t have to be half awake to concern about sleep position.  



In order to minimize shrink, we pre-washed before make pad. It also increases absorptive


What you can expect from Reusable Pads


·      Save money 

·      Save Planet

·      Serve your skin in better way

·      Serve your uterus with organic instead of non-chemical 

·      No worries for running out of pads

·      Reduce changing routine 

·      No smell




Additional information

Weight 0.0875 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 0.3 in

Pink Ribbon, Gray & Bobble, Vision Test, Gray Polka Dot


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