Lavender Castile soap


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Olive oil 70%, Coconut oil 15% and Palm oil 15%+ Lye + 4-6weeks of chemical reaction = Natural Glycerin and oil 

70% Olive oil soap can be used for most of skin types-oily, dry or sensitive skin. Compare to 100% Olive oil soap, it has coconut oil and Palm oil which can help soap last longer and those support moisturizing too.

How we make soap?

If you ask me what it the ingredients of my soap, I would say It has cooking oil such as olive oil and coconut oil and Lye. Then, you would ask me

“Didn’t you say it is non-chemical??”


My answer is…



I made with cooking oils(mostly Olive oil) and lye. However, soap needs 4-6weeks of ripening for chemical reaction between oil and lye. When they are done to reacting, it became natural glycerin and little bit of oil.


I used;

Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Lye, dried lavender and essential oil + Patience(4-6weeks)




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