Fill your day with possibilities

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We all have same amount of time in a day, a week, a month, a year. What are you filling in Your day? Your week? Your month?

I used to fill my day with anger, anxiety, and fear. When you are so used to it. It becomes your life without knowing. I choose to be present and be awake. I am filling my day with possibilities.


I made this clock for Tony who is a big supporter for me. We have each journey for our lives meanwhile we are supporting each other. When I came up with this idea, I asked Tony “What words would you fill in your time?” These words were chosen by Tony, and  I can tell it has been in his journey.


***Mis-spelling is one of my strong point.





Published by Lonnie Lee

My Love and Joy lead others to self-discovery. I stand up for women who has been in the box of cultural backgrounds, religions and races. My vision of the world is that people experience courageousness as many times as possible. Therefore, everybody creates their vision without their own fears and conditions(that also created by individual)

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