Accept the fact that I can’t be stubborn to express love in my way to my loves


Sometime, the best way to express my love is that I can only wish the best for him as being stay away from him.


진심을 담아 쓴 편지를 우체통에 넣고는 두려워졌다.

그가 그 편지를 받게되면 다시는 그를 보지 못하게 될까봐… 정말 끝일까봐…




Published by Lonnie Lee

My Love and Joy lead others to self-discovery. I stand up for women who has been in the box of cultural backgrounds, religions and races. My vision of the world is that people experience courageousness as many times as possible. Therefore, everybody creates their vision without their own fears and conditions(that also created by individual)

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