Dear. People who are going trough tough life event

Hi. Ladies or Gentlemen.

I am a full time student who is ending 3 years of marriage in my husband’s country. A week ago, I was rejected by my in-laws who have been telling me they will support me and I am their family too. All of my family is in my country.  I have no idea how to make money and self care, but I don’t believe that it will be the last. The only way to pass this is get through it. So, meanwhile, why don’t we create little joy, love, possibilities, belief? Because our lives need to be joyful!! 

We are getting out of cave and walking forward to sun.  So let’t not forget that we are creating possibilities day by day, minute by minute. 

What did you create today?

Believe me! Even though you don’t think you did, you created something today! Therefore, you are going forward.

Big hug,

Lonnie Lee