Lonnie Lee




Domestic violence survivor

Domestic violence preventer


I believe in core energy. I believe individuals’ efforts to save the environment will be the core energy that powers the world. As a woman who is connected to the culture of each life, I am responsible for maintaining pure and powerful energy both in and outside of myself.

My core energy will be converted to reusables that empower people to discover their own power and self-confidence. In this way, we can all collaborate our efforts to make a better world.



Lonnie Lee

I was born in South Korea and raised by a Catholic family. Growing up, learned how to be a good woman who is accepted by Korean and Catholic culture. However, my cultural background prevented me from seeing that I was abused by my ex-husband. After I walked out of that abusive relationship, I reflected on my experience.

“What caused this to happen?”

“How can we prevent Domestic Violence?”

A keyword that kept coming up in my search is self-esteem. While lack of tools and awareness can lead to victimization, lack of self-esteem can lead to overcompensation by the abuser, who overpowers and/or mistreats the other.

My brand is about not only supporting victims, but also about bringing awareness to abusers and preventing potential abuse. This is why my products carry the message of  self-empowerment.


It is a fact that developing countries can’t avoid environmental pollution. The only reason advanced countries can focus on the environment is that development is in their past. How was the environment before we developed?

When did we first start to discuss environmental pollution? Did we worry about it before the industrial revolution? How about we go back to a time before we thought of the world, our value, and our interactions as disposable – before we were focused on productivity, before single-use items, to a time when we loved our environment, ourselves and each-other deeper?

As we have modified chemicals, so too have we overpowered the Earth. Do we need stronger detergent, bug killer, cleaners that contain unnecessary chemicals? What if we only use things when it is necessary rather than overpowering?

My products are designed with this in mind.

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