Be Wildly Defiant


Be Wildly Defiant 

: A woman who will not sit down when the patriarchy tells us too. 

We will not shut up in the face of social injustices, 

and we will be not afraid to stand alongside our sisters and fight for our freedom

There are a lot of things that we don’t know – right or wrong – because of how we were raised. This is OK! However, let’s be aware that there are ways to do things other than the way we were raised.  

TW: Domestic and sexual violence

Here is my story:

When I was chocked by my ex-husband while we were having sex, I thought that, as his wife, it was my role to serve my husband’s sex fantasy. I only realized that was not okay because people stood up for me and told me it was wrong. I started to wonder where I got the idea that women serve men. How come the thought had never occurred to me that this was not okay? 

I later acknowledged that there was part of me who was okay with being treated as sexual object by men, and I realized it was because I was raised that way by my culture. After exiting the relationship, I decided it was time to support others who may only feel comfortable in their own culture by helping them discover themselves.

Many of us have likely learned what sexual abuse and harassment are. However, that doesn’t mean we are all aware of the right way to treat people or to be treated. I should have been aware of the right way to be treated from a young age and been able to talk to people about it.

My business aims to empower people through words. I have crafted bags and cup-sleeves that have meaningful words and may help others be aware of what is right and wrong, and to find their own power!

I donated 100 of the cup sleeves pictured above towards ‘The Power of Women‘ conference on May 11th 2019 as part of my effort to bring awareness and empowerment to other women.

Published by Lonnie Lee

My Love and Joy lead others to self-discovery. I stand up for women who has been in the box of cultural backgrounds, religions and races. My vision of the world is that people experience courageousness as many times as possible. Therefore, everybody creates their vision without their own fears and conditions(that also created by individual)

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