Be Widely Defiant

Be Widely Defiant 

: A woman who will not sit down when the patriarchy tells us too. 

We will not shut up in the face of social injustices, 

and we will be not afraid to stand alongside our sisters and fight for our freedom

There are a lot of things that we don’t know right or wrong because how we raised. It is ok but let’s be aware that there is other ways to do things. Other than the way we were raised.  

Here is my story, 

When I was chocked by my ex husband while we were having sex, I thought it is my role to serve my husband’s sex fantasy as being a wife. I realized that was not okay by people who stood up for me. I started to be wondering where I got the idea of women serve men. How come I have never thought it was not okay? 

I have acknowledged that there was part of me who was being okay to be treated as sexual object by man, and I realized I was raised in that way by my culture. So I decided to support others who may feel comfortable only in their culture, but being them self.

We all have learned what is sexual abuse and harassment. However, that doesn’t meant that we all aware what is right way to treat people. The point is I should aware what is right way to be treated and able to talk to people.

My business will empower people by words. So I have been making bags and cup-sleeves that have meaningful words and may help people aware and find their own power!!! 


 I donated 100 of cup sleeves for event was called ‘The power of women‘ on May 11th 2019


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