Macaroon coin purse

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Macaroon Coin Purses 

Gifted to: Mihye

Mihye is my mom’s age but I call her as friend. Well.. She is kind of both. Her husband Mike invites me often and takes us to sailing too.

5 years ago, when I just moved in USA, D who was my blue eyes ex-mother-in-law took me to Nordstrom for shopping. D was Mihye’s long time customer in women’s shoe department. D was thoughtful to introduce Mihye to me who doesn’t have any Korean relative in here. She told me “Since now, I am your Korean mom here, even though D is the sweetest woman, you might need some to speak Korean to. My house is your mom’s house. When you have tough time with your marriage life, my place is the place you can relieve.”

I have been forgotten what she said. However, Mihye was already committed what she said since the first time. While I am going through divorce, Mihye and Mike were support me in so many ways.

When I said that I want to sew and create things for my life, she support me and inspire me a lot.  Her way of inspiring the others is Being. She is defiantly not saying only person. What she is Saying is what she is Doing.

She is doing calligraphy as hobbit, and she is using is as meditation. Like sewing is my meditation. Even when I got pressed by sewing, she shared her experience of calligraphy. ‘Little by little’, ‘Day by day’ 

I got home with stress from work and couldn’t do anything at home other than laying down. Moreover, I got more stress because my brain keeps saying you need to sew. Through Mihye I learned how to shift my intention. I don’t need to achieve in a day or night. Just 30 min sewing is ALL I NEEDED. It has progressed and I can flash out the stress that I got from work.

The macaroon coin purse has been made by my 30min meditation. It needs mostly hand sewing but really simple stitches.

  • Fabric: Joann Fabric
  • Zipper: Dongdeamoon market (Korea)
  • macaroon shall: Dongdeamoon market (Korea)



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