Lonnie Lee

Lonnie Lee is…


Hand crafter,

Zero-Waste supporter,

DV survivor,

DV preventer.










I believe core energy.Individuals’ efforts to save the environment will be core energy for the world. As a woman who is part of the culture of each life, I am responsible to maintain pure and powerful energy either in and outside of me. My core energy will be converted to reusables that may empower people to discover their own power. Therefore, we all can collaborate our efforts to make a better world.



Lonnie Lee

          I was born in South Korea and raised by catholic family. I have learned the way to be a good woman who can be accepted by Korean and catholic culture.

          My cultural background didn’t help me to recognize that I have been abused by my ex husband. After I walked out of abusive relationship, I have look back – ‘What caused this happen?’ ‘How can we prevent Domestic Violence?’ A keyword that I have found is self-esteem. Lack of self-esteem can lead people overpowering and mistreatment either them self or the other.

Lonnie Lee is not only supporting victims but also prevent abusers and potential abusers. 



It was a fact that developing countries can’t avoid environmental pollution. The only reason advanced countries can focus on the environment is that development is in their past. How was the environment before we were developed? When did we first start to discuss environmental pollution? Have we worried about it before the industrial revolution? How about we go back to when it has not happened?-before we were focused on productivity, before we have used disposables, when we loved ourselves and each other deeper without using electronic devices. 

As we can modify chemicals, we have already over powered the earth. Do we need strong detergent, bugs killer, all clearers that contain chemicals? How about we only use things when it is necessary other than overpowering?